Relax in the Waters of Puerto Galera Resorts

Puerto Galera Hotels Accommodation ReservationsPuerto galera resorts draw visitors from all around the globe. The island resorts are nestled in a beautiful paradise located in the Philippines. The island is situated just southwest of Manila, on the island of Mindoro. Translated Mindoro means mines of gold and traces back to the 1500′s when Spanish explorers came and founded a town and church. The name Puerto Galera means port of galleons. The port was a welcome safe haven for travelers and merchants looking for a safe place in times of storms back in the 1600s. Visitors can travel via ferryboat or ship. It’s a fairly short ride as the trip can take between forty to ninety minutes, factoring traffic. Many come for the affordable accommodations and the great ambiance. Visitors have an array of resorts to choose from.

The resorts are great for families, couples and individuals. The restaurants serve a variety of international cuisine, ranging from Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Korean, Japanese and food from the Philippines. When booking resorts there ca be many choices that influence your reservation. Puerto Nirvana Beach Resort features several diving sites and is an attraction for diving enthusiasts. Others come to check out one of over two dozen beaches. There they can sunbathe, lounge, relax ad enjoy the beautiful beach scenery.

Accommodations range in comfort. More luxurious and expensive accommodations are available for those willing to shell out a bit more. Beaches like Sabang Beach and White Beach have both high end and more economy accommodations. The unique and beautiful surroundings also draw visitors year round. They come to see the coral reefs surrounding the resorts. Puerto Galera resorts are said to have some of the most diverse marine life anywhere in the world. Here visitors can observe the coral reefs and the various fish species, while diving and snorkeling.

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