Going on Vacation to See Niagara Falls and Interested in Learning More About Them

I am going to be going on vacation to Niagara falls in a couple of weeks with my parents, and I am hoping to learn more about them before I go. I have to do a presentation in school later this semester for my English class, based on experiences from a family vacation. This seems like it would be as good of a topic as any to use for my presentation, so I am going to go ahead and try to learn what I can. I am going to look for niagara falls facts on the Internet and try to learn more about the huge falls.

I have seen the falls before in pictures, and on television as well, but I imagine that their size is not fully respected without seeing them in person. I know that they have decks around the falls where you can walk down into the mists that are generated from the crashing water. I wonder how wide the falls are, I know that they are pretty large, and that their span goes across the border into Canada. I bet they look majestic, and I am glad that I am going to get to see them up close. I have heard that you can also take a boat beneath the falls, and I wonder if I will get to do that with my family during our visit. I hope so, because that sounds like it would really be an awesome experience. I wonder how high the falls are, and also, how much water flows over the falls on a daily basis. I bet you could feel a whole lot of Olympic sized swimming pools with the amount of water there. I am also curious as to how the falls first formed, and their geologic history in the area.

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